Toddlers are extremely active. We keep them actively learning.

At My House Your Play House, we strongly believe in the formation of trusting bonds between toddlers and their teachers. Because of the tight-knit community we offer, our teachers will have a deeper understanding of your toddler’s personality. Our Discovering Me curriculum is designed to develop and reinforce each toddler’s individual needs, so children learn at their own pace.

Life Essentials is our proprietary developmentally appropriate curriculum and supporting programs, methods, activities and techniques to help better prepare children for life. Life Essentials gives your child a happier, healthier, more well-rounded foundation for the future. In other words, what children learn will help to prepare them for school and for life.

At My House Your Play House, we understand that toddlers are very active. They are on the go and their natural curiosity prompts them to constantly explore. Our toddlers participate in sensory- based learning experiences while receiving positive, nurturing guidance from highly qualified teachers.

Our expert teachers guide toddlers while letting them lead the way and make their own choices. With Life Essentials, what your toddler learns throughout the day reinforces what she is being taught at home. We acknowledge teachable moments as your toddler plays, helping your child learn all day long.
Areas of Development

Our Discovering Me curriculum focuses on a few areas of development for example: Cognitive, Communication, Emotional skills, and Social Skills.

Cognitive Skills: Toddlers are learning new vocabulary, perfecting how they move through their environment and making connections with others. The Discovering Mecurriculum focuses on establishing these connections through songs, finger plays, books and games. We give toddlers new experiences to build their imagination as we encourage them to name colors, objects and people.

Communication Skills: Toddlers begin to use words to express their needs and to identify familiar people and objects. My House Your Play House teachers work to improve your child’s vocabulary. When your child points to something, the teacher will name the item and ask your child to repeat it. Our teachers model good manners by saying “please” and “thank you,” and by welcoming guests into the room. They encourage your child to do the same. We take advantage of these teachable moments so your child doesn’t miss a second of fun and learning.

Emotional Skills: Emotional development involves toddlers feeling safe in their environment. They will establish a strong bond with their teachers and experience a wide variety of emotions. Our teachers talk to your child about his or her feelings and what other people may be feeling.

Social Skills: Toddlers engage in longer periods of play, but still periodically check to make sure you are close by. They are not always ready to share toys and are very sensitive. At My House Your Play House, we developed social skills activities to help your child learn to share and respect others. Your child will learn to take turns stacking blocks, assisting teachers and other children with clean up and playing follow the leader.

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